pool creation failed in recent master commits

Zhang, Jiafu

Hi Guys,


I failed to create pool with recent master commits back to 6726e272e2a0e821c0676838c39a2b133a7e0612 (9th Sep). The error in terminal is,


Pool-create command FAILED: pool create failed: rpc error: code = DeadlineExceeded desc = context deadline exceeded

ERROR: dmg: pool create failed: rpc error: code = DeadlineExceeded desc = context deadline exceeded.


After enabling debug, I didn’t see more valuable info, but below error about timedout.


09/28-17:33:42.25  DAOS[285589/285602] swim ERR  src/cart/swim/swim.c:659 swim_progress() The progress callback was not called for too long: 11515 ms after expected.

09/28-17:33:42.25  DAOS[285589/285602] rdb  WARN src/rdb/rdb_raft.c:1980 rdb_timerd() 64616f73[0]: not scheduled for 12.683030 second

09/28-17:33:42.29  DAOS[285589/285602] mgmt ERR  src/mgmt/srv_pool.c:515 ds_mgmt_create_pool() creating pool on ranks cf7aa844 failed: rc DER_TIMEDOUT(-1011)

09/28-17:33:42.29  DAOS[285589/285602] mgmt ERR  src/mgmt/srv_drpc.c:496 ds_mgmt_drpc_pool_create() failed to create pool: DER_TIMEDOUT(-1011)

09/28-17:33:42.29  DAOS[285589/285603] daos INFO src/iosrv/drpc_progress.c:409 process_session_activity() Session 664 connection has been terminated

09/28-17:33:42.29  DAOS[285589/285603] daos INFO src/common/drpc.c:717 drpc_close() Closing dRPC socket fd=664

09/28-17:33:43.80  DAOS[285589/285602] daos INFO src/iosrv/drpc_progress.c:295 drpc_handler_ult() dRPC handler ULT for module=2 method=207

09/28-17:33:43.80  DAOS[285589/285602] mgmt INFO src/mgmt/srv_drpc.c:468 ds_mgmt_drpc_pool_create() Received request to create pool

09/28-17:34:43.80  DAOS[285589/285602] rpc  ERR  src/cart/crt_context.c:790 crt_context_timeout_check(0x7f61017447d0) [opc=0x1010007 rpcid=0x32444975000000ba rank:tag=1:0] ctx_id 0, (status: 0x38) timed out, tgt rank 1, tag 0

09/28-17:34:43.80  DAOS[285589/285602] rpc  ERR  src/cart/crt_context.c:748 crt_req_timeout_hdlr(0x7f61017447d0) [opc=0x1010007 rpcid=0x32444975000000ba rank:tag=1:0] aborting to group daos_server, rank 1, tgt_uri (null)

09/28-17:34:43.80  DAOS[285589/285602] hg   ERR  src/cart/crt_hg.c:1031 crt_hg_req_send_cb(0x7f61017447d0) [opc=0x1010007 rpcid=0x32444975000000ba rank:tag=1:0] RPC failed; rc: -1011

09/28-17:34:43.80  DAOS[285589/285602] corpc ERR  src/cart/crt_corpc.c:646 crt_corpc_reply_hdlr() RPC(opc: 0x1010007) error, rc: -1011.


Any idea?



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