Re: DAOS_test failed


I'm using Optane PMEM ( there are 4 modules 512GB each, two PMEM modules near each socket). I created /dev/pmem0 and /dev/pmem1 devices using `ipmctl create -goal PersistentMemoryType=AppDirect` command. On daos server I have two mellanox IB interfaces, but only one in use (mlx5_0). Here is ibstat output:
[root@apache512 tmp]# ibstat
CA 'mlx5_0'
        CA type: MT4123
        Number of ports: 1
        Firmware version: 20.28.1002
        Hardware version: 0
        Node GUID: 0xb8599f0300e4f800
        System image GUID: 0xb8599f0300e4f800
        Port 1:
                State: Active
                Physical state: LinkUp
                Rate: 56
                Base lid: 4
                LMC: 0
                SM lid: 4
                Capability mask: 0x2659e84a
                Port GUID: 0xb8599f0300e4f800
                Link layer: InfiniBand

Seems like I didn't install OFED drivers, because ofed_info not found. Which version is better to use? 


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