Re: no dRPC client set on Ubuntu 20.04.1

Nabarro, Tom



You and Gurt are experiencing the same issue:


09/10-14:23:55.96 intel-S2600WFD DAOS[260088/260088] bio  ERR  src/bio/bio_xstream.c:367 bio_spdk_env_init() Failed to init SPDK thread lib, DER_INVAL(-1003)

09/10-14:23:55.97 intel-S2600WFD DAOS[260088/260088] server ERR  src/iosrv/init.c:521 server_init() DAOS cannot be initialized using the configured path (/mnt/daos).   Please ensure it is on a PMDK compatible file system and writeable by the current user


Which is that the SPDK thread library cannot be initialised, the thread library is not used in the identify example so that would explain why it runs fine.


spdk_thread_lib_init() is returning an error but unfortunately we wrap it with DER_INVAL and mask the spdk error, which needs fixing.


Can you please apply this patch and rerun to give us a better insight and in the meantime I will find an Ubuntu system to verify:



diff --git a/src/bio/bio_xstream.c b/src/bio/bio_xstream.c

index 758ba6d..c888047 100644

--- a/src/bio/bio_xstream.c

+++ b/src/bio/bio_xstream.c

@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@

#include <spdk/env.h>

#include <spdk/nvme.h>

#include <spdk/vmd.h>

+#include <spdk/string.h>

#include <spdk/thread.h>

#include <spdk/bdev.h>

#include <spdk/io_channel.h>

@@ -364,7 +365,8 @@ bio_spdk_env_init(void)

        rc = spdk_thread_lib_init(NULL, 0);

        if (rc != 0) {

                rc = -DER_INVAL;

-               D_ERROR("Failed to init SPDK thread lib, "DF_RC"\n", DP_RC(rc));

+               D_ERROR("Failed to init SPDK thread lib, %s (%d)\n",

+                       spdk_strerror(rc), rc);


                return rc;





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From: <> On Behalf Of Yunjae Lee
Sent: Friday, September 11, 2020 8:34 AM
Subject: Re: [daos] no dRPC client set on Ubuntu 20.04.1


Same problem here, I used the master branch of daos on ubuntu 20.04.1
I also met this error when starting the daos_server:

ERROR: removing socket file: removing instance 0 socket file: no dRPC client set (data plane not started?)

The same message was printed in /tmp/daos_server.log:

bio ERR src/bio/bio_xstream.c:367 bios_spdk_env_init() Failed to init SPDK thread lib, DER_INVAL(-1003)

The identify error also happened in my case, however, it is now solved thanks to @Tom.
The results of the identify is attached, as well as the server logs and configurations i used.

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