Behavior of daos_kv_get for non-existent Keys

Steffen Christgau

Hi everybody,

I'm experimenting with the (low level) DAOS Key Value API, i.e. daos_kv_get and friends. For the get function, I observed that passing an non-existent key returns both 0, indicating success, as well as an "actual size of the value" of again 0.

However, it is also valid to put a key with a zero length value into the KV store. That key is subsequently found when enumerating the names inside the object (daos_kv_list).

Is this behavior of the get operation, i.e. returning success and an empty (value), intended? If so, how can I check if a queried key really existed other than by enumerating the (whole) object?

Regards, Steffen

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