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Hi Colin,


I think this is coming from FIO with their latest ‘atomics’ patch in the latest master.
You can change the fio version to their latest release (3.20) and recompile to fix this problem.

So from daos source tree

cd _build.external/fio/ && git checkout fio-3.20

and recompile with scons.







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Hi Colin,


What platform are you building on and do you know what prerequisite component is being built when you get that message?   Sounds like a bug in that component’s configure script.    In theory, DAOS should work with and without stdatomic.h




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What GCC version is required for building daos v1.0.0?


Just want to verify as I am getting:


In file included from crc/crc32c.h:23:0,

                 from crc/crc32c.c:33:

crc/../arch/arch.h:4:23: fatal error: stdatomic.h: No such file or directory

#include <stdatomic.h>


compilation terminated.


The log recommends GCC 4.9 and up. We are using 4.8.





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