Re: Link Error with DAOS 1.0

Olivier, Jeffrey V

H Archie,


On the hwloc issue, it looks like Ubuntu 20 has hwloc API version 2.x and the fixes for that version of hwloc are only in master.   Switching to master may be your best bet as Ubuntu isn’t officially supported in 1.0.


However, if you really wan to get it building, you can try this.  Before we had support for hwloc 2.x, I added the following workaround on my Fedora box.  I built a 1.5 version of hwloc in /opt/hwloc and added the following to my ~/.scons_localrc






env[“ENV”][“CGO_CFLAGS”] = “-I/opt/hwloc/include”

env[“ENV”][“CGO_LDFLAGS”] = “-L/opt/hwloc/lib -Wl,-rpath=/opt/hwloc/lib”


But I would recommend using master instead if you need to use Ubuntu 20.04 as Ubuntu isn’t officially supported in the 1.0 release.





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There have been some fixes in master for build issues with ubuntu 20.04 (specifically for spdk, ipmctl and I think hwloc). Can you try building from master?




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This small patch gets me past that error:


jvolivie-desk1:[~/daos_1.0]$ git diff

diff --git a/src/control/lib/spdk/spdk.go b/src/control/lib/spdk/spdk.go

index 28b55e537..bbc3d43c6 100644

--- a/src/control/lib/spdk/spdk.go

+++ b/src/control/lib/spdk/spdk.go

@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@ package spdk


#cgo LDFLAGS: -lspdk_env_dpdk -lrte_mempool -lrte_mempool_ring -lrte_bus_pci

#cgo LDFLAGS: -lrte_pci -lrte_ring -lrte_mbuf -lrte_eal -lrte_kvargs -ldl -lnuma

+#cgo LDFLAGS: -lisal


 #include "stdlib.h"

#include "spdk/stdinc.h"


But then it runs into an issue with hwloc.


build/src/control/src/ could not determine kind of name for C.HWLOC_TOPOLOGY_FLAG_IO_DEVICES


It looks like hwloc version 1.5 which should work but perhaps there is something new on Ubuntu 20.04 that we only resolved on master.  




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Hi Archie,


I don’t know if 1.0 has been tried with Ubuntu 20.04 though it does work with 18.04.   I will give it a try locally and see what I can find out.




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Sorry for not having that:
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS


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