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Nabarro, Tom

Hello Gert


Out of curiosity , what is your operating system and kernel version?



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Hi Colin, Patrick,


The ModelNumber : INTEL SSDPE21D480GA is a 480 GB Intel(R) Optane(TM) SSD 905P Series and supports Opal 2.0.

The last letter in the ModelNumber is a reference to the memory media, the 4 characters before the last letter refer to the capacity.


The O for Opal in the ModelNumber is only applicable to the Intel 3D NAND SSDs as there are Models with and without Opal 2.0 support.


I compiled DAOS v1.0.0 on my system and did not see the problem. I used a P4800X added it to my daos_server.yml when running:

root@intel-S2600WFD:~/daos# dmg -i storage scan –verbose

It returns the following:




SCM Namespace Socket ID Capacity

------------- --------- --------

pmem0         0         531 GB

pmem1         1         531 GB


NVMe PCI     Model                FW Revision Socket ID Capacity

--------     -----                ----------- --------- --------

0000:d8:00.0 INTEL SSDPE2KE016T8  VDV10170    1         1.6 TB

0000:d9:00.0 INTEL SSDPE21K375GA  E2010485    1         375 GB


Next I will try the current DAOS master and also try an Opal 2.0 'enabled and configured' P4800X in DAOS.





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