Re: cannot mount daos with the latest code on github

Pittman, Ashley M



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Date: Saturday, 6 June 2020 at 09:45
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Subject: Re: [daos] cannot mount daos with the latest code on github


Hi Pitman and Colin,


The problem was solved by put the mount point on a disk-based rather than memory-based file system.


Do you know why this happened?


I don’t know why that would be.  It’s possible that your memory-based filesystem doesn’t supported extended attributes which would cause a different log message to be recorded at a higher priority but wouldn’t affect the functionality, or it’s possible that there’s some mount options on that are different, I know there’s no-suid and no-exec options, but I’m not aware of any no-sub-mount-within-tree type of mount option that your memory based filesystem may be using.


Failures to mount fuse will be printed to stdout by libfuse itself and this would be the best clue as to the cause, in order to see these messages you need to run dfuse with the –foreground option, if you can do that and send us the message than you’re seeing we can investigate further.



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